frequently asked questions

how do i make the smoothies?

easy! just grab your smoothie from the freezer, put your smoothie hearts in your blender with 3/4 cup of water, blend and enjoy! Minimal clean up and a great tasting smoothie everytime.

are your smoothies gluten free?

Yes! All of our smoothies are made with gluten free ingredients.

are your smoothies dairy free?

Yes! Our smoothies come with greek yogurt however you have the option to remove the greek yogurt from your smoothies. all of our smoothies can be customized to your exact requests.

why is a subscription beneficial to me?

well there are a few reasons! firstly being healthy is all about consistency and practicing healthy behaviors day in and day out. our monthly subscriptions provide you with one of our delicious, healthy smoothies to start each day of the week off right!

can I skip a week or cancel my subscription at any time?

absolutely! you can skip a week of smoothie deliveries at any time as well as cancel your subscription at any time. all we ask is for a weeks notice to ensure we don't fulfill your order and we have enough time to cancel your account.

do i need a subscription to order smoothies?

nope! you can order as many or as little as you'd like and you can pick up your smoothies at any of our local pick up locations or have them delivered if over the minimum order amount of $35.

what are the benefits of having a smoothie daily?

oh that's simple! our smoothies are packed with crucial vitamins, they are low in calories, loaded with protein, antioxidants & probiotics and the perfect start to anyones day! the best part is there is no prep and minimal clean up! They are fast to make, delicious and highly nutritious.

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