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frozen smoothies

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we use nothing but the best ingredients when making our signature smoothies. our smoothies are made with infused smoothie hearts that we make with fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt and plant based proteins. to enjoy just simply grab your smoothie from the freezer, blend your smoothie hearts with 1 cup of water and enjoy! 

just add 1 cup of water, blend and enjoy!
strawberry bananza
cal: 250 c:23 p:28 f:19
banana butter
cal: 250 c:23 p:28 f:19
cal: 250 c:23 p:28 f:19
the green kiwi
cal: 250 c:23 p:28 f:19
blueberry burst
cal: 250 c:23 p:28 f:19
chocolate milkshake
cal: 250 c:23 p:28 f:19
how it works

mix any if our smoothies with just one cup of water ( or beverage of your choice), blend and enjoy! 


choose your smoothies

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enjoy yourself!

choose from any of our amazing smoothies made from all natural ingredients

choose one of our plans that is sure to help you stay on top of your healthy lifestyle

we send your fresh smoothies right to your doorstep whenever you'd like

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we pour our      ' s into making

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